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Do you think that Levan Berdzenishvili’s identification, on a Kavkasia TV talk show, of PACE rapporteur Matyas Eorsi as a “Hungarian Jew” was a racist statement?

Monday, December 17

“I don’t know what context he mentioned this in, which makes it difficult to judge. But a clever politician should have predicted a comment like that would have become subject to speculation.”

Akaki, IDP, 78

“I was watching that program, and I didn’t get the impression that Eorsi’s origin was mentioned in an offensive way.”

Lika, teacher, 28

“My family and I were watching, and none of us interpreted his comment like that. I think his phrase might have picked up some color in translation. After all, Berdzenishvili is not the sort of person who would say something shameful.”

Lika, lecturer, 35

“I don’t think so. Berdzenishvili simply said the truth. Eorsi is a Hungarian Jew in origin, and that’s all there is to it.”

Vakho, student, 23

“Well, I think Berdzenishvili shouldn’t have said something like that. We’re not interested in his origin, and I don’t see how his origin is relevant to what’s going on in Georgia.”

Maka, teacher, 34

“I don’t really care what he said. What matters to me is what happens with this presidential election.”

Avto, worker, 48

“I didn’t hear the actual comment, but I’m sure Berdzenishvili wouldn’t have said anything anti-Semitic. He’s not that kind of person.”

Marika, philologist, 53