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News in Brief:

School of Ossetian Language and Literature Opens in Tbilisi
A school for the Ossetian language and literature will open in Tbilisi. It will function in Tbilisi secondary school #11 from the new academic year, Education Minister Alexander Lomaia stated to journalists.
“Our goal is to reinstitute teaching of the Ossetian language and literature as well as folklore in the school on weekends where a program like this existed for many decades but was closed in the early 90s,” Lomaia declared.
“Starting from September we will reinstitute this program and all ethnic Ossetian nationals residing in Tbilisi will be able to take their children to this school, where they will have the opportunity to study their native language on Saturdays and Sundays,” Lomaia pointed out.
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Legislative Proposal on Juvenile Crime Elaborated
The Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office drafted a legislative proposal that would impose a fine if someone violates the confidentiality of a juvenile during a case.
A round table discussion regarding the issue was held on Thursday. The participants spoke about violations of confidentiality in cases of juvenile criminals.
Representatives of state structures, international and non-governmental organizations and mass media attended the event.
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Earthquake Recorded 25 Kilometers from Tskhinvali
An earthquake registering four point zero on the Richter scale was recorded in South Ossetia on Wednesday night, reports the South Ossetian Press and Information Committee.
The epicentre of the quake was 25 km from Tskhinvali.
No damage was reported.
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Open Society – Georgia Foundation Starts Trainings for Public Workers in Kodori Gorge
The Open Society – Georgia Foundation started implementing trainings to public workers and officials in upper Abkhazia [Kodori Gorge], Malkhaz Akishbaia, head of the government-in-exile of Abkhazia stated.
“You know that the socioeconomic infrastructure is being revived in Georgia and, at the same time, it is very important that the Open Society – Georgia Foundation start trainings for public officials in upper Abkhazia. This is necessary, because for many years there was a deficiency of qualified staff and no work was provided for improving the situation,” Akishbaia declared.
“This is the first precedent and in the future we will involve international organizations in similar occasions,” Akishbaia pointed out.
He also informed that he would leave for upper Abkhazia on July 18, where a number of meetings would be held during the week.
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Third McDonalds Restaurant Opens In Tbilisi
The third McDonalds restaurant will open in Tbilisi in the beginning of 2008.
Coca-Cola [who owns McDonalds] reported that the restaurant would be located near the Sport Palace in Tbilisi and would be equipped with a drive-thru. 
The first McDonalds restaurant was opened in Tbilisi in the 90s on Rustaveli.
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Anti-trafficking Project in Caucasus Presented 
Presentation of the project “Development of a comprehensive anti-trafficking response in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia,” which is implemented by the OSCE and International Labor Organization (ILO) was held at Tbilisi Marriott on Thursday.
The project offers measures against human trafficking in the South Caucasus by building on existing National Action Plans and enhancing the legal framework in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
Irakli Giorgobiani, Deputy Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs, stated that victims of trafficking would undergo social rehabilitation.
The project is funded under the European Commission’s TACIS program. It will be implemented over a period of two years.    
(Prime News)

Representatives of Sport Academy Send Address to Saakashvili
Over 300 representatives of the Sport Academy protesting against the merger with Ilia Chavchavadze State University sent their address to President Mikheil Saakashvili requesting independent status of the Academy.
“It seems that Sport Minister Giorgi Gabashvili agrees that the status of the Sport Academy should be maintained. If the question is about keeping an ‘independent’ status of the Academy, then this is our single demand,” Irakli Dolaberidze, head of the administration of the Sport Academy declared.
“But if this ‘status’ is within Ilia Chavchavadze State University, then this is a trick and it will not work on us,” he added.
Academy representatives are protesting the decision to merge the Sport Academy with Ilia Chavchavadze State University.
(Black Sea Press)

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