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What are the most important things to look for when choosing a Georgian wife? Is it important that the bride is a virgin? When is a boy ready to get married? (view responses)
US Dollar - 1.6655
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Friday, July 20
Day - Scattered Clouds.
High: 80° F. / 27° C.
Night - Clear.
Low: 50° F. / 10° C.

Saturday, July 21
Day - Scattered Clouds.
High: 86° F. / 30° C.
Night - Scattered Clouds.
Low: 55° F. / 13° C.
Sunday, July 22
Day -  Clear.
High: 86° F. / 30° C.
Night - Scattered Clouds. Low: 53° F. / 12° C.
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New Minister for a ‘New Approach’: Bakradze Replaces Antadze
Ruling party MP Davit Bakradze is replacing Merab Antadze as State Minister for Conflict Resolution, confirmed parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee chair Kote Gabashvili July 19. “This new dimension [in South Ossetia conflict resolution] needs new approaches… and I think that it was a very good decision to select Bakradze for this position,” Gabashvili told Mze TV. (more)
Cash Registers Are a No Sale, Say Bazroba Merchants
Merchants from several area markets gathered in front of parliament Thursday, to protest regulations forcing them to use cash registers in their stalls. Traders from Lilo’s Bazroba [market] organized the demonstration, with representatives from the Railway Gypsy Bazroba and the Rustavi Bazroba joining in. (more)
Kodori Gorge Shelling Good for Tbilisi, Russia Says
The March attack on Tbilisi-controlled upper Kodori Gorge, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on July 18, favored Georgia’s political interests. (more)
News in Brief
- School of Ossetian Language and Literature Opens in Tbilisi
- Legislative Proposal on Juvenile Crime Elaborated
- Earthquake Recorded 25 Kilometers from Tskhinvali
- Open Society – Georgia Foundation Starts Trainings for Public Workers in Kodori Gorge
- Third McDonalds Restaurant Opens In Tbilisi
- Anti-trafficking Project in Caucasus Presented 
- Representatives of Sport Academy Send Address to Saakashvili

Electoral Legislation Still Favors Incumbent Party
The opposition is pushing for changes leading up to presidential and parliamentary elections in 2008. A memorandum signed by the leaders of five opposition parties calls on the government to fulfill two demands—change the composition of electoral commissions and change the way majoritarian elections are held. (more)

Russian Visas for Georgians Available Again
The Russian embassy in Georgia announced Thursday that it will resume issuing visas for study, business, work or transit. (more)
Poti Port Up For Lease
The Ministry of Economic Development has asked international companies to file applications of interest for a 49-year lease of Poti Port. The concession winner will be obligated to create a 400 hectare free economic zone to the north of the port. (more)
Joint Project Targets Legislative Reform and Civil Servant Training
Caucasus University and the European Public Law Center announced that they will cooperate in the implementation of the project “KOMNINOI-Modernization of Georgia’s legislation and the training of civil servants and judges,” funded by the Department of International Development Cooperation of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (more)
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