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What are the most important things to look for when choosing a Georgian wife? Is it important that the bride is a virgin? When is a boy ready to get married?

“The ideal woman must understand you 100 per cent, and your viewpoints should coincide. She must not be jealous, must not get stuck on trifles and shouldn’t get on a man’s nerves. I don’t think a man chooses wife, and there’s no specific time when a man is ready for marriage. When the time comes, a man realizes he’s found what he’s looking for and that it.”
Giorgi, IT, 23

“Appearance is number one, then comes her wit, and finally the decency of the family she’s been brought up in. Other things, like her profession or financial status are of no importance at all. I think a man must be at least over 25 to settle down for marriage.”
Nika, technologist, 30

“Firstly, one must feel a liking to someone, then you look into her education and social circle. In the old days, a Georgian wouldn’t marry until he had built a two-story house and provided for a comfortable living. These days, they marry young and don’t consider all that.”
Akaki, pensioner, 78

“I think that a boy is ready after 30, when he has a job and everything necessary for a family. He should also be psychologically ready for a family. The woman must be beautiful and not too silly. She should be a virgin—I don’t insist on it, but it’s better. The other stuff doesn’t matter.”
Temuri, lawyer, 24, unmarried

“When a man is ready to live independently and has the money that a family needs, he can get married. It doesn’t matter how old he is. As for the girl, her family is important, and a good education. She should be a virgin, of course.”
Zuriko, banker, 29, unmarried

“I fell in love with my wife when we were 17 years old, but we waited eight years to marry. We both had jobs, established our lives, then got married. I chose my wife for her appearance at first—and then, when I was amazed by her singing.”
Tamazi, 52, married

“The most important thing in choosing a wife is love. I think so, anyway. I don’t pay attention to other things.”
Shako, student, 22

“She must be honest, loving, and a good mother. She can’t be very stupid. She needs to give something to the children—not just do chores for them, but to enrich their spirit and raise good Georgian citizens.”
Mamuka, engineer, 45

“Most important for a Georgian woman is that she grew up in a decent family. She has to be devoted, kind and calm, and always helping the husband. A Georgian wife needs to respect her family and her husband. And she should be a perfect mother, close to the children.”
Leo, pensioner, 72

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