Tuesday, October 23 , 2007, #202 (1469)

The opposition coalition says they expect 100 000 people to protest outside parliament on November 2. How many people do you think will rally?
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Tuesday, October 23
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Controversial TV network boss replaced by advertising exec
Rustavi 2, one of the country’s leading television channels, has a new chief. Irakli Chikovani will replace Koba Davarashvili as the station’s director general, Rustavi 2 announced Sunday. Rustavi 2 offered little explanation for the change, saying only that Davarashvili is returning to his business interests. There have been suggestions, meanwhile, that journalists were unhappy with Davarashvili’s management. (more)
100 000 protestors on November 2, opposition say
The opposition coalition officially notified Tbilisi City Hall of their planned November 2 protest on Monday, warning the government that demonstrations would go on until their demands are met. They also formally requested organizational support from the municipality, predicting that 100 000 people would attend the rally. (more)
The pen’s might is tested as writers contest eviction
On Monday, the Georgian Writers’ Union gathered to demand back the building they were evicted from in August as part of the government’s privatization drive. (more)
Europe has a new international instrument to protect children from sexual abuse
Every day, across Europe, children are being sexually abused. It is estimated that between 10% and 20% of children in Europe are sexually assaulted during their childhood. Sexual violence against children may take many forms, from incest to prostitution, pornography, date rape, peer sexual violence and institutional sexual abuse. (more)
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NATO membership a political football
The government says Georgia’s NATO membership bid is hanging in the balance as the alliance’s 2008 summit in Bucharest approaches, while the opposition say there is no longer any chance of promptly moving to a NATO Membership Action Plan, the formal start to the accession process. (more)

National Bank dismisses claims it will be dismantled
The government recently announced that the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) will end the year with net losses, prompting a strong response from the political opposition. (more)
Government rejects proposal to fight demographic ‘crisis’
The ruling party is dismissing as unfeasible a law drawn up by the New Rights opposition party to combat a demographic ‘crisis’ in Georgia. (more)
Tbilisi set to double the number of public buses
City officials say they will double the number of buses in Tbilisi by next year. (more)

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