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Wednesday, December 19

NGO to produce report on November 7 events

The NGO Human Rights Center will present a report entitled A Week of Violence, detailing the events of November 7, when police dispersed an anti-government protest.

A spokesperson for the NGO said the report will prove the government used excessive force against protestors and violated human rights laws. The account will be sent to international organizations. (Prime News)

Refugees from Abkhazia to receive humanitarian aid from Georgian royal family

The Georgian Bagrationi dynasty are supplying refugees from Abkhazia with humanitarian and medical aid, according to the press office of the Tbilisi-backed government-in-exile of Abkhazia.

Shipments containing medical supplies were transported to Georgia by Lelio Nikoloz Orsani, vice president of the Georgian-Italian Association of the Shield of St George and son of Ketevan Bagrationi. I call my mission for the restoration of Georgia, Orsani told journalists.

He also met with Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II who commented: We highly appreciate your activity. Id like to thank all organizations who have taken part in collecting this assistance and to express my gratitude to Princess Ketevan and her whole family. The aid should be given out as soon as possible and the government-in-exile of Abkhazia should take an active part in all this. (Prime News)

Three polling stations to open in Iraq and Kosovo

After a reversal of a Central Election Commission (CEC) decision three polling stations will open for Georgian soldiers in Iraq and Kosovo to vote for the January 5 presidential election.

The polling stations will open in Baghdad and Al Kut.

On December 23 the Defense Ministry is due to present the voter lists of soldiers serving in Iraq and Kosovo to the CEC. The appropriate documentation will then be sent to Kosovo and Iraq between December 25 and January 3.

Special seven person CEC commissions will be sent to oversee the voting. Three members of each will be appointed by the CEC and four by the political parties who have put forward candidates for the election. (Black Sea Press)