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Do you respect Georgian journalism?

Thursday, December 20

“No, I think we have no journalism.”
Misha, economist, 28

“Yes, of course. It’s not at a high level in Georgia, but they’re trying.”
Beka, basketball player, 21

“No, they’re never objective. I don’t like our media at all.”
Nini, student, 20

“To be a journalist is a risky job, and I respect our journalists willing to go into dangerous situations and deliver information to people.”
Nata, musician, 32

“I think our journalists are too involved in politics. They’re not independent. Press journalists are a bit more independent, I think, and one can get better information from the print media.”
Giorgi, social worker, 39

“Our journalists aren’t professional enough. A journalist must be objective, and not influenced by politics or other forces.”
Eliso, journalist, 27

“I think our journalists are very brave and courageous. It’s especially important to have people like that given what’s going in our country. I certainly respect our media.”
Lasha, dentist, 31

“Good journalists and a strong media are important for our country, especially now. Our journalists do their best.”
Elene, student, 21

“Our media is being suppressed by the government. We’re not getting the truth, but it’s not the journalists’ fault.”
Marina, housewife, 46