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Do you agree with Human Rights Watch that the government “crossed the line” on November 7?

Friday, December 21

“Yes, of course I agree. What happened on November 7 was a real shock for everyone. Georgians will give Misha [Saakashvili] an adequate answer on January 5.”
Natela, pensioner, 65

“It was thuggish, what happened, and I don’t want a government which attacks its own people.”
Keti, student, 21

“When my family talks about these events, I find myself not wanting to believe it really happened. It was a black day in Georgian history. I agree with the report.”
Gaga, sportsman, 27

“I agree with that, everyone does. I think the government crossed the line, and should be punished for it.”
Maka, journalist, 27

“Of course the government crossed the line. I think the international community should have put an ultimatum to the Georgian government in response.”
Lia, architect, 34

“Yes, I completely agree. We saw what happened. What the government did was unacceptable.”
Giorgi, student, 20

“I agree with the report’s findings. They shouldn’t have used force on peaceful demonstrators who were no threat to either property or people. The protestors were just expressing their discontent.”
Guli, pensioner, 68

“The report rightly assessed the use of force as excessive, but the civilized Western world does pretty much the same thing. As for Saakashvili’s administration, they were planning to handle the protests like that from the very beginning. They put up a huge poster of Patarkatsishvili’s caricature, which was intended to outrage the protestors. But this didn’t happen, so the government used force on peaceful demonstrators.”
Akaki, pensioner, 78

“I think the use of excessive force was all too clear. In my opinion, the government should really be worried about the reaction to what they did on November 7.”
Natali, PR agent, 25