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Which country do you think Shakira is from?

Monday, December 24

“From Colombia, of course! I’m a devoted fan.”
Keti, student, 19

“I don’t know exactly, I think she’s Spanish. She looks Spanish, doesn’t she?”
Irakli, computer specialist, 30

Natia, student, 19

“She’s Colombian. I have lots of videos of her, and I’m happy we’re getting the chance to see her in our country.”
Luka, student, 21

“She is a very nice and attractive woman: I love her music, and her dancing especially. I think she’s American.”
Giorgi, guitarist, 27

“I like her as a woman, but I don’t listen to the type of music she does. Maybe she’s American?”
Nika, accountant, 28

“I’d prefer to listen to something old, something that was in fashion in my youth. But I like that the children are getting her performance as a present for the New Year.”
Nina, pensioner, 73

“I’d prefer my children to listen to some Georgian national songs, but they like Shakira and modern singers like her.”
Elene, teacher, 51

“I’m not a teenager, but I love her songs, and often listen to them while driving or at home. I don’t know where she’s from, but I think she looks Latin American.”
Avto, engineer, 48