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What do you think about the Gelbakhiani and Patarkatsishvili tapes?

Wednesday, December 26

“I don’t know who to trust in this country. I’m really disappointed. I didn’t think that Gelbakhiani and Patarkatsishvili would be traitors, exploiting poor people to achieve their goals.”
Liana, housewife, 51

“I doubt that Gelbakhiani was being honest with Kodua. He knew he was the head of the Special Operations Department. Gelbakhiani isn’t such an idiot he would divulge everything like that—I think it was all staged.”
Niko, financial manager, 28

“I’m apolitical. I don’t care what Gelbakhiani said. I think the candidates’ election campaigns are complete lies, just meant to fool people into voting for them. Patarkatsishvili tried to bribe Georgian voters, but he failed, and this idiot Gelbakhiani was caught out easily.”
Lasha, internet specialist, 26

“I’m sure that Gelbakhiani was revealing his true plans to Kodua. We saw his real face in that tape, and the real face of Patarkatsishvili.”
Nata, hairdresser, 33

“If I ever see Patarkatsishvili or Gelbakhiani I’ll kill them with my bare hands. They lied to the Georgian people—they lied to the people who believed in them, who found hope in their campaign. How can someone be so dishonest, aiming only for his own profit and completely disregarding other people?”
Kakha, social worker, 37

“I’ve always thought Patarkatsishvili was an enemy of Georgia, and now there’s proof. I have nothing else to say. God save us from such devils.”
Maia, housewife, 44

“I would have never thought that Patarkatsishvili could lie and mock our people like this. I don’t like Misha [Saakashvili], but now I think he’s at least better than people like Patarkatsishvili, who only care about money and nothing else.”
Nini, student, 21

“I knew that Gelbakhiani was stupid, but I had no idea about Patarkatsishvili. Now, I think they’re both traitors. Good job by our Interior Ministry!”
Irakli, economist, 24

“I think the tape was faked. Saakashvili would do anything to defeat his opponents.”
Nona, teacher, 29