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Do you believe Badri Patarkatsishvili’s explanation of the conversation between him and Irakli Kodua, in which he allegedly details a coup he is planning?

Thursday, December 27

“I don’t believe a word of it. Patarkatsishvili swallowed Kodua’s bait, and revealed his true intentions.”
Giorgi, furniture designer, 28

“I don’t think Patarkatsishvili was telling the truth to Kodua. He knew what he was doing. I think he was trying to drive the Interior Ministry into a blind alley.”
Salome, teacher, 43

“I knew from the beginning that Patarkatsishvili has been trying to exploit the Georgian people for his own ends, but he’s failed. I’m glad his true face has finally been revealed.”
Lado, social worker, 36

“Saakashvili knows he’s going to lose, and he’s doing everything he can to stain the presidential candidates he thinks are strong rivals. I don’t think Patarkatsishvili is such a fool that he would tell everything to the head of the Special Operations Department.”
Nika, musician, 28

“Patarkatsishvili said in the tape that Georgians think of him as a kind and lovely grandpa, but that his reputation should be looked into deeper. I think if he becomes president, Georgia would be in grave danger.”
Nineli, housewife, 47

“Of course not. He’s trying to justify himself, but it’s useless. Everyone knows who he really is.”
Beka, student, 22

“I don’t trust Patarkatsishvili, and I don’t trust Saakashvili and his government.”
Mari, photographer, 24

“He may have been planning to overthrow the government, but it’s not like the current government is looking out for our best interests either.”
Nika, economist, 37

“No, you would need to be stupid to believe Patarkatsishvili now.”
Zurab, lecturer, 46