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Will you vote on January 5?

Friday, January 4
Of course I will vote, because my vote matters. I want a change for the better in Georgia.
Nina, cosmetologist, 34

I think Saakashvili will win this election no matter what, so I see no reason to vote.
Vakho, computer specialist, 26

Its my duty to vote. I wont tell you who Im voting for, but its the person who deserves to be president.
Levan, pensioner, 71

Ill vote for Saakashvili, of course. Hes the one serious candidate, and I think it will be good for all of us if he wins.
Leila, sales manager, 42

Theres no use in voting. Nothing good is going to come out of January 5just unrest and protests. Im sick of it.
Iva, sportsman, 25

Ill vote for Gia Maisashvili. Hes an intelligent and educated man. I think my vote will support him a bit in this election.
Irina, housewife, 48

What can I expect from this election? Nothing good. The candidates are just fighting amongst themselves, and using the people to achieve their goals. Im sure Saakashvili is no worse than all the other candidates.
Maka, painter, 32

I hope this election will go forward without rigging or violations. Ill vote, of course, as a citizen of my country.
Merabi, worker, 51