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Do you believe that Saakashvili is ready to include political opponents in his government?

Thursday, January 10
“Why not? If he really wants to be trusted by people and increase his popularity, he must get rid of [prominent MP Giga] Bokeria, [parliamentary majority leader Maia] Nadiradze, [Interior Minister Vano] Merabishvili, the Rurua brothers and their ilk.”
Avto, electric engineer, 47

“I think Saakashvili will change around his entourage and his party. If he doesn’t, the National Movement [ruling party] won’t win in the upcoming parliamentary elections. It will help him politically to include opponents in his government.”
Lela, economist, 34

“To include political opponents in his government would be reasonable step for Saakashvili. He needs to placate people by beginning his second term with a revamped entourage.”
Kakha, lecturer, 54

“If Saakashvili includes opposition members in his government, the government will split. But the fact is, Misha [Saakashvili] can’t keep people like Bokeria and Merabishvili around him any more.”
Lasha, student, 23

“It’s just empty promises from Saakashvili.”
Nino, teacher, 35

“There aren’t many Georgians, and we should all be helping each other. There are smart people in the opposition who would be suited for our future government. Now, if the opposition turns down Saakashvili’s offer, I think they don’t truly want to see stability in Georgia.”
Irakli, student, 22

“I think Saakashvili realized his mistakes and wants to correct them—a welcome step.”
Nika, economist, 31

“I think it would be good to give the opposition the chance to satisfy their political ambitions. This is what they wanted, to come into the government.”
Jilda, journalist, 32

“I don’t believe that Saakashvili will keep this promise, though maybe he is following the old advice to keep your enemies close.”
Keti, banker, 27