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Are you having trouble with the cold weather?

Tuesday, January 15
Of course Im having problems. I go to work early in the morning when its freezing, and I come back late when its even colder. Ive slipped several times already and nearly broken my neckI cant wait till this weather passes.
Lado, social worker, 27

I was coming back from university on Melikishvili Street when I saw an old woman slip and fall on the ice. I had to call for an ambulance. Its terrible. City Hall needs to address this issue to protect ordinary citizens.
Natia, student, 21

Our officials are focused on the election results and protests while ordinary Georgians are worried about the icy streets. Ive had no water for five days because the pipes are frozen, and Ive called Tbilisi Water but they cant do anything about it.
Gia, economist, 43

I cant use my car to get to work because the roads are frozen and Im scared of having an accident. So I use public transport, which makes me late.
Lasha, computer specialist, 25

The last few days were really terrible but Ive heard its going to be warmer in the next few days.
Tsisana, teacher, 58

Oh, I am sick of the cold and the ice. I often have a temperature in winter anyway. With all this ice, Ive fallen down in the street five times already.
Maiko, student, 20

I cant walk on the ice. I go to my office by taxi, which costs me half my salary, as taxi drivers have increased their prices due to the icy roads.
Eka, translator, 37

Ive never seen such weather in Tbilisi. Its really cold. Drivers need to be careful of pedestrians with the icy roads.
Giga, banker, 28

I want to sit at home all day long. I cant stand the cold weather, especially when I have classes early in the morning. Thank God, school doesnt begin for another week.
Sopo, schoolgirl, 17