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Does America support democracy in Georgia?

Friday, January 18
“Of course, it’s obvious America wants democracy here.”
Irakli, student, 22

“I think so, Saakashvili’s goal is to make Georgia democratic and that’s why America supports us. However, many Georgians don’t want this, especially the opposition.”
Lana, translator, 31

“Sure, America is the most democratic country in the world and I’m pleased we have close ties with the Americans.”
Nino, secretary, 28

“I don’t know what the US wants from us, and I don’t like Americans. There won’t be any democracy here until Saakashvili is no longer president.”
Tamar, pensioner, 66

“I’m glad we’re considered a US ally. We really need to learn a lot from them. Yes, the US does support us.”
Giorgi, lecturer, 41

“I think America supports democracy in Georgia, and I’d like to believe they’ll help us develop our democracy.”
Maia, housewife, 35

“I don’t think America does anything without having other things in mind. We all know the American government follows only its own interests, not caring about anyone else.”
Maka, journalist, 27

“I want to believe it, but sometimes I think they’re aiming for the opposite: trying to make Georgia an authoritarian state.”
Valeri, IT assistant, 26

“In my opinion, they want to help us. Of course I’m not really crazy about the US government, but we should keep America as our friend.”
Rita, shop manager, 29