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Are you optimistic about Misha’s last term as president?

Monday, January 21
“I was optimistic when he first became president [in 2004] and I haven’t changed my mind since. He’s talented and a great patriot. I sincerely hope he can get back Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”
Zura, student, 20

“I’m very optimistic. Moreover, I’m deeply sorry it’s his last term. Misha is a real president, he’s introduced the whole world to Georgia, Georgians and our culture!”
Diana, nurse, 32

“Misha isn’t my president, he was reelected illegally, and I back the opposition.”
Natia, housewife, 39

“I’ve never lost hope and I’m optimistic today. With God’s help, and with the unity of the Georgian nation, I think everything will work out for the best.”
Giorgi, former athlete, 58

“My wish is to see a happy Georgia with the breakaway regions back. If he does this I’ll consider him a true patriot. I didn’t vote for him, but to tell you the truth I don’t like the perpetual opposition protests. It’s time for us to stand together and work on getting a better future. I’m optimistic.”
Kakhi, lecturer, 45

“I don’t expect much, although I think that he’ll do something different, especially now that he knows many Georgians don’t back him.”
Lasha, student, 18

“Sure I am, this is a man who loves his country. Maybe not all his reforms benefit everyone, but he’s trying to tackle Georgia’s problems and striving for a better nation.”
Lena, teacher, 43

“Misha is a smart politician, so he’ll try his best to gain sympathy and love from the people after all the recent problems. Otherwise we’ll just remember the painful reforms.”
Dato, sportsman, 23

“As Georgians are a very optimistic people, I hope Saakashvili’s last term will be successful—not for him, but for the country. Hopefully we’ll get back the breakaway territories and poverty will become a thing of the past here.”
Tamuna, banker, 27