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Opposition campaigner Zviad Dzidziguri declared a boycott of Natakhtari beer and Coca-Cola products, saying those companies were major contributors to Mikheil Saakashvili’s reelection campaign. Are you boycotting Natakhtari and Coke?

Tuesday, January 22
“I’m not a political person at all, so I’m not boycotting them. When I’m thirsty and not at home, I always drink Coca-Cola.”
Rati, student, 18

“Of course not, Coca-Cola is my favorite. I don’t care what the opposition say.”
Nana, dancer, 26

“I’ve always boycotted Coca-Cola, because it’s really bad for our health. I always warn my children not to drink it. But Natakhtari is really tasty. So, I want to say that the opposition’s statement about boycotting both of them has not influenced me or my family.”
Maiko, housewife, 44

“I share their call for a boycott, and I’m supporting the opposition. I used to drink Natakhtari beer, but now I drink Kazbegi.”
Dato, footballer, 24

“If the opposition want to protest, let them hold public rallies, but it’s nonsense when they tell us not to drink this or that product. I haven’t stopped drinking any of those.”
Lela, dentist, 36

“I haven’t heard about any boycott, and I don’t really care.”
Giorgi, pensioner, 65

“I’m boycotting Natakhtari, it’s not tasty, but I like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. I drink them every day and several times a day. The opposition is right when they say the elections are rigged, but why do they need to hit these companies? It makes no sense.”
Beka, student, 21

“What I like, I drink. It doesn’t matter what the opposition say.”
Levan, builder, 32