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Prime minister discusses gas issue with Azerbaijani counterpart

By M. Alkhazashvili
(Translated by Diana Dundua)
Wednesday, January 23
Prime Minister Lado Gurgenidze told journalists that Georgia will not experience any gas supply problems after an informal meeting with his Azerbaijani counterpart, Artur Rasizade, at the inauguration of Mikheil Saakashvili on January 20.

Georgia stopped receiving Azerbaijani gas earlier this month when its most recent contract expired, and officials in Baku have warned of price hikes for Georgia in future contracts.

“There is, was and always will be gas and there is no need to dramatize the issue of prices,” Gurgenidze said. “The issue of gas supply does not present any problems for Georgia.”

“We discussed general issues because the current format of the meeting was enough for [only] this, but it was good grounds for familiarization,” he said, adding nothing concrete had been discussed. Gurgenidze also said that a number of future meetings have been planned, according to the news agency Trend.