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Are you happy with your regional governor?

Wednesday, January 23
“I like him because our town is getting better—clean and nice. A lot has been done in Gori.”
Nino, Shida Kartli, 30

“I’m not entirely satisfied with our governor; he could do more. It’d be better if we had a more active one.”
Ramaz, Imereti, 52

“They have changed the governors in our region so many times that I don’t think it makes a difference. Anything that gets done in Kutaisi is because [Speaker of Parliament Nino] Burjanadze is from our city.”
Giga, Imereti, 25

“I like him, Telavi is in a very good condition and tourists flock here over the summer.”
Asmat, Kakheti, Telavi, 50

“Our governor is a very good man; whenever we have problems he listens.”
Davit, Kakheti, Gurjaani, 69

“I don’t like him very much but he’s better than the previous one, Misha Kareli, who was a complete idiot and not at all suitable for this position.”
Sopo, Shida Kartli, 22

“Our population is satisfied with our governor, Siradze. The president and he promised that Racha will become a main tourist center soon, so we don’t have anything against him.”
Mari, Racha, 35

“I don’t like Gorozia and I’d be grateful if the president sends us a new governor who pays more attention to improving our living conditions.”
Zviad, Samegrelo, 41

“Well, I don’t know him very well but I don’t think he’s a bad governor. As long as they carry out their duties properly, it doesn’t matter who’s governor.”
Avto, Samegrelo, 52