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Should Georgia sign a non-resumption of violence pact with Abkhazia and South Ossetia?

Thursday, January 24
“If either of them guarantees us that Georgia will get back its lost territories in a peaceful way, our country will sign this pact. But there are no guarantees. Our greatest wish is to return Abkhazia and South Ossetia, maybe even with war.”
Levan, lecturer, 48

“Georgia must sign this, because we don’t want war. It’s better to lose the territories than thousands of people.”
Tamar, teacher, 55

“Our president knows best whether or not it should be signed. It’s not Russia’s decision.”
Tiko, student, 20

“No. We are ready to fight against the separatists if they don’t give us back our homeland, Sokhumi.”
Giorgi, student, 22

“Why does Russia demand that we sign this? Are they not convinced that Georgia wants to return the territories peacefully? Thank God our government does not want war, and continually emphasizes that we will get those territories back without bloodshed.”
Nino, housewife, 34

“No. If Georgia needs it, I will even send my son to war to defend his country.”
Ketevan, pensioner, 70

“I’m sure no one in Georgia wants a war, but still I don’t think we should sign a peace pact. Who knows what could happen?”
Nata, musician, 36

“Of course not—we will fight if we have to!”
Giga, bank manager, 24

“God save us from war and from the years we have passed. Yes, Georgia should sign this.”
Lado, taxi driver, 53