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Do you know which party youíll vote for in the parliamentary elections?

Tuesday, January 29
ďI havenít decided yet, though I think the New Rights are very competent and moderate. Iíll probably vote for them.Ē
Tatia, journalist, 27

ďI wonít vote. Thereís no point. I donít trust anyone. Georgian politicians are just scrabbling for posts and power, and they never keep their promises.Ē
Tiko, housewife, 43

ďI really want to see [ex-Imedi journalist Giorgi] Targamadzeís party in parliament, so Iíll vote for him. I havenít seen their policies yet, but Iím sure this boy will do his best for the people.Ē
Lamara, pensioner 64

ďIíll vote for the National Movement [ruling party]. They keep their promises. Last year I couldnít find a job, but after I joined the party six months ago I got good work in a private office with a high salary.Ē
Rezi, economist, 32

ďIíll vote for any opposition party. Iím tired of this arrogant government. I donít like them and I donít trust them.Ē
Levani, student, 20

ďI havenít decided yet, probably the New Rights. I voted for Gamkrelidze in the presidential election.Ē
Dato, driver, 34

ďIíll be voting for the Republicans. Theyíre competent, well-educated, professional and true patriots.Ē
Giga, athlete, 23

ďMaybe itís not the right choice to make, but Iím not going to vote. I donít trust elections any more. The January 5 presidential election was shamefulómaybe some Georgians donít believe it, but Iím sure election was rigged. So why vote now?Ē
Gela, teacher

ďIíll vote for Misha [Saakashvili]ís party. Heís a smart boy, and heíll bring a lot of talented people into the government.Ē
Natela, vendor, 56