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Does it matter for Georgia who is elected US president?

Wednesday, January 30
“It doesn’t matter for us, just for America. But my favorite is Hillary Clinton, because I’d rather see a woman in top positions—they’re smarter than men.”
Gio, student, 19

“I don’t think it makes a different for us; I’m sure the USA’s position on Georgia won’t change, and we’ll remain friends. I like Hillary, because I like Bill Clinton a lot.”
Maia, secretary, 34

“Of course it matters. America is one of our greatest supporters, and we want to benefit from that relationship in the future. I think Clinton will win, and I’m sure she’ll support Georgia—I saw her on TV speaking about her positive feelings for Saakashvili and Georgia.”
Ana, student, 21

“I don’t care about America’s politics. We’ve got enough problems here to worry about.”
Goga, computer specialist, 28

“Even Americans don’t care about who’s going to be their president. I have no doubt the USA will continue to support our country, because we need their experience and money.”
Zura, musician, 38

“I don’t care about America’s politics; they don’t want anything good from us. The most important thing is for us to live in peace.”
Shalva, pensioner, 75

“Clinton is the best candidate, and I‘m sure she’ll improve their relations with Georgia.”
Keti, banker, 29

“There are such stable institutions in America that I don’t think one person can change everything, including relations with Georgia.”
Soso, lecturer, 44

“Yes, that election will have an influence on Georgia. I support Hillary because she presented our President Saakashvili with a Nobel Prize once.”
Kote, mathematician, 49