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Are you having trouble paying your electricity bills?

Thursday, January 31
“Yes, I am. This month I got a bill of more than 100 lari, which is just too much. But I paid—I’d rather skip on other fees than get my electricity turned off.”
Keti, journalist, 28

“This month I paid way more than I could afford. I’m trying my best to save on electricity use, but the price is too high. It’s the same as it is in Europe.”
Vika, housewife, 35

“It’s my family’s top problem. We have so many bills to pay, and electricity is always the most costly.”
Megi, student, 21

“I did have trouble, but after [President Mikheil] Saakashvili gave us some [utilities] vouchers we’ve been fine. I wish he had given out those vouchers sooner; in the past, I used spend almost all of my salary on electricity bills.”
Merabi, driver, 61

“Electricity bills are high in Georgia, everyone complains about it. It’s not a problem for me personally, but I’m sure it’s difficult for poor people to pay these bills. It’s time the government thinks about this, and does something to bring down the cost of electricity.”
Shotiko, footballer, 27

“It’s not normal to have such high electricity bills in Georgia. We’ve got so many power plants and hydroelectric capacity—we need to be using those resources to bring the price of electricity down.”
Levani, manager, 32

“It’s been tough, but the government’s vouchers have really helped. Everyone should get these vouchers. Maybe not permanently, but just four or five months of this help would really make people’s lives easier.”
Lamara, housewife, 50

“I’ve been fine. I’m frugal with my electricity use, and my bills reflect that. Still, it’d obviously be better if electricity was cheaper.”
Jilda, journalist, 33

“Electricity bills are killing me. I’m trying to be careful about my use, but at the end of the month I’m getting enormous bills. It makes me really mad—everyone is talking about all of our hydroelectric capability, but we’re buying electricity from other countries and every Georgian family is having a tough time with the bills.”
Tamuna, dentist, 29