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What is the top misconception foreigners have about Georgians?

Friday, February 1
“In general they consider us less developed. For example, when I was in the US, some people I spoke to were really surprised that we have televisions and computers. I was really annoyed.”
Keti, student, 19

“I don’t think foreigners have any misconceptions about us or our country. I know plenty of foreigners who love Georgia.”
Kakha, economist, 35

“I think some foreigners think we’re not very intelligent, especially those who work in business here. But we are educated, we just don’t always have the opportunity to put our education to use.”
Avto, builder, 62

“Foreigners often see Georgians as very hospitable, but we’re actually not.”
Nino, student, 18

“I couldn’t tell you. All the foreigners I’ve met seem to really like Georgians.”
Nika, actor, 28

“The main problem is that diaspora Georgians have a reputation as thieves abroad, which has a bad effect on how our people are viewed.”
Giorgi, footballer, 24

“Foreigners perceive Georgians to be friendly and welcoming but this is not always the case. Georgians are less friendly than they used to be, perhaps because it’s a hard life here.”
Maka, journalist, 27

“I think foreigners generally like our good nature. Of course if a foreigner lives here, their opinion will probably change over time. It’s a personal thing. I’ve heard some foreigners call us thoughtless.”
Nata, advertising agent, 28

“Foreigners think Georgians are an undisciplined people, but not everyone is. I’m Georgian, and I’m quite disciplined.”
Giorgi, marketing manager, 30