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Who was the greatest leader in Georgian history?

Monday, February 4
“King David the Builder, of course. He restored a ruined Georgia from the ashes, made a number of reforms, built a strong army and conquered territory. He subordinated the church to the king, and made Georgia the strongest country in the South Caucasus. David the Builder joined the Crusades, and the whole world appreciated him.”
Vakhtang, historian, 45

“Stalin was a great leader. He won World War II. We lived in perfect conditions during his reign. We were devoted to him. We were proud people. Now, Saakashvili has cut off all of our sources of livelihood.”
Andro, pensioner, 79

“I think David the Builder was our greatest leader. He united Georgia and extended the country’s borders.”
Dato, social worker, 28

“David the Builder of course, because he united Georgia and assured Georgians that we are the greatest and the strongest nation.”
Zaza, lecturer, 35

“Saakashvili is our greatest leader, he is a real patriot. He takes care of us, especially the people my age.”
Tina, pensioner, 80

“David the Builder was the greatest leader. His name will remain in our history forever.”
Keti, student, 20

“From the time of David the Builder to that of Queen Tamara, everyone was a strong leader. It was the peak of Georgia’s development, with strong conditions in every sphere, from the military to the economy.”
Temur, driver, 44

“Queen Tamara was the greatest. Despite being a woman, she was stronger than any other monarch.”
Maka, PR manager, 30