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Would you support Badri Patarkatsishvili’s new party in the parliamentary elections?

Tuesday, February 5
“I really thought he was a genuine candidate for the presidency, but after his crimes and his lies were revealed, no one will support him. I’d like to see him arrested. He’s a traitor to his country.”
Natela, teacher, 56

“I wouldn’t support him—he has no place in politics.”
Lado, student, 23

“He may be a good, far-sighted businessman, but he’s not fit for politics.”
Davit, engineer, 48

“Only the socially vulnerable class, like pensioners, will support him after he wins them over with promises of money. But no sensible person will support him. He’s a cunning Jew and not to be trusted.”
Gela, taxi driver, 37

“Oh, come on. We’re all sick of him. Let him shut up and stay with his business.”
Keti, student, 21

“He has a lot of money, so he’s not going to come into politics to try and make more, like other politicians do. We should support him.”
Nina, pensioner, 68

“I didn’t know he was still trying to compete in elections. After what the Interior Ministry revealed about him, I couldn’t believe it if anyone voted for him.”
Maia, housewife, 41

“This man did a lot of good for Georgia, donating money to sports, to culture. But we’re ungrateful people, and only pay attention to his sins. No one is a virgin. I think Patarkatsishvili could do a lot of good for Georgia if his party competes in the parliamentary elections, so I’ll vote for him.”
Naira, tailor, 49

“I think he needs to get far away from Georgia. He can mind his business in London and cut out these political games.”
Shalva, financial manager, 32