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Do you think the parliamentary elections will be more fair than the presidential election?

Wednesday, February 6
“No, I don’t think so. I think if anything, they will be worse.”
Aleko, student, 22

“I think the presidential election was fair, well, almost fair, and I’m sure all these problems we’ve been hearing about will be sorted out by the time of the parliamentary elections.”
Dato, athlete, 27

“Yes, I’m sure it’ll be fairer.”
Neli, housewife, 56

“It will be the same: fair like the presidential election was. Saakashvili has more supporters than Gachechiladze and his allies, it’s as simple as that.”
Zura, musician, 20

“Have you ever seen a fair election? I don’t think they exist anywhere in the world. All elections are rigged and that’s why I’ve never been for voting. It’s nonsense.”
Lali, teacher, 38

“This election was not an election at all. No one elected Saakashvili. If the ruling party win the parliamentary elections then it’s an indication they were rigged.”
Nona, translator, 29

“Personally, I think the parliamentary elections will be fair. The National Movement has a good chance of genuinely winning.”
Giorgi, lawyer, 41

“I think the ruling party will falsify these next elections just as they did in January. It won’t be fair, I’m sure.”
Levan, student, 20

“Yes, it will be fairer. Saakashvili is the winner of all elections.”
Beqa, sportsman, 20