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Prepared by Diana Dundua
Thursday, February 7

“Giorgi Khubua: Tbilisi State University buildings will not be sold!”

Akhali Taoba reports that Tbilisi State University (TSU) rector Giorgi Khubua denies opposition accusations that the government is planning to sell two of the university’s buildings.

“TSU’s buildings will not be sold,” Khubua pledged. “On the contrary, they will be modernized, rehabilitation and European-standard infrastructure will be built soon.”

Opposition politicians claim two buildings on the TSU campus will be sold, the newspaper writes, and cemeteries in which famed Georgian scientists are buried will be moved elsewhere.

“Vakhtang Mamaladze: the parliamentary elections must be held in April!”

Political analyst Vakhtang Khmaladze told Rezonansi that the spring parliamentary elections, which have not been scheduled yet, must be held in April as planned before being rescheduled by constitutional amendments in 2006.

“It is vitally important the voters see that no one has the right to prolong his term of service. Thus, the upcoming parliamentary elections must be held in April,” Khmaladze said.

He warns that delaying parliamentary elections to May will complicate the country’s political situation.

“The Ossetians support Medvedev”

Campaigning for the Russian presidential election has begun in breakaway South Ossetia, according to Sakartvelos Respublika.

Chair of the separatist Republican Party Zurab Kokoev said they will promote the candidacy of Dmitry Medvedev for the March 2 Russian election.

“From today, we will start the campaign,” Kokoev reportedly said. “We have approximately a month left before the election, and we will do our best to promote Medvedev in the region.”

The newspaper claims the separatist authorities are also planning to ensure South Ossetian residents receive Russian citizenship in time for the election.

“Russian visa registration process restarted”

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that the Russian Embassy in Georgia has been begun registering Georgian who want Russian visas.

“Registration is a simple procedure that was stopped for two months. But…this process has restarted,” embassy representatives told the newspaper.

The newspaper neglects to point out that embassy is still not granting tourist visas.

“500 new versions of Georgian folk songs recorded”

The Culture Ministry has overseen the recording of 500 previously unrecorded Georgian folk songs, Rezonansi writes.

Last year the ministry bought a portable recording studio, which has traveled around Georgia to record songs from the country’s various regions, as well as Georgian-populated Turkish territory.