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What do you do to stay healthy?

Thursday, February 7
I go running around Turtle Lake every morning, but its really difficult to get up early in the winter. So when it gets warm Ill continue my workout routine.
Nini, student, 20

I dont do anything. Plus Im a smoker. I know its bad for my health, but Im too lazy to go exercise.
Tamuna, secretary, 34

I dont smoke, I dont drink and Im not a drug addict. Thats all.
Giorgi, banker, 28

I like swimming, and in winter I enjoy skating. So Im trying to keep healthy, as good health is the dearest treasure a person has.
Lali, lecturer, 37

Im an athlete, and we exercise every day. Im healthy, and I suggest people follow our example and prolong their life.
Kakha, footballer, 23

Ive been on a diet my entire lifeIve had weight problems since I was a child. My doctor helps me set an eating routine, and I hope it will be effective.
Dali, accountant, 53

Im generally a pretty healthy guy, and I do a bit of jogging and exercise sometime. But I dont watch what I eat.
Niko, actor, 31

I think its good for your health to restrict what you eat, like food with fats or sugar. But it can be really difficult. I used to go to a gym but I dont have time anymore.
Anna, MA student, 26

I swim. I dont do it much in the winter, but Ill start back up in March. Im also thinking of taking tennis lessons.
Nino, journalist, 32