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If the Patriarch blessed a political party’s emblems, would you be more likely to support the party?

Friday, February 8
“Sure, because I’ve never heard of the Patriarch blessing the flags of political parties before. If he does, it means he supports them.”
Giga, banker, 22

“His blessing the emblems would amount to blessing the party itself.”
Zura, student, 20

“Well, I think the Patriarch does not interfere in politics, which means not blessing any flags or emblems. So it’s hard to say what it means in the case of Targamadze’s party, but obviously the Patriarch likes what these people are doing.”
Lali, teacher, 46

“What he does is from God’s word. The Patriarch blesses only what is important. It makes me feel good about Targamadze’s party.”
Rati, student, 19

“I’ve heard about the Patriarch planning to bless the flags and emblems of the Christian Democratic Party. I respect this decision, because this party is founded on religion, and it seems that they’re paying a lot of attention to the conditions of the church. Our Patriarch is the country’s wisest man, and he knows best what should be blessed.”
Maia, housewife, 51

“If the Patriarch supports them, I’ll support them too. Only prayer and church will save us.”
Nino, engineer, 48

“I don’t think religion should mix with politics. I’d be less inclined to support the party.”
Dina, photographer, 26

“I respect Ilia II very much, but I don’t understand why he would get involved in politics. I think he should remain neutral.”
Keti, information officer, 29

“Do you really believe Targamadze’s claim that the Patriarch will bless his party? Let’s wait and see if Ilia II actually does it—I doubt he will.”
Sopo, journalist, 27

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