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Is it important for the government and the opposition to continue dialogue?

Monday, February 11
“I think it’s important, because without conversation they won’t solve the political problems we’re facing. And I really don’t want to see another rally in Tbilisi, or more angry people in the streets.”
Lena, teacher, 39

“Of course it’s important. If they really care about the country’s future, they should hold dialogue. We’ve had enough rallies and strikes.”
Merabi, athlete, 27

“The opposition should continue the dialogue, otherwise the government will just do whatever they want and the opposition will lose yet another chance at even small improvements for the country and themselves.”
Lasha, student, 21

“It doesn’t make a difference. The government will do whatever it wants, and the opposition will come out against it. This is Georgian reality: no one cares about the people, they just think about their positions and posts.”
Viola, housewife, 34

“I don’t want to be pessimistic, but I don’t think talks will lead anywhere. Neither side takes things seriously, and it’s really upsetting me. They only think about themselves.”
Natela, pensioner, 76

“Enough of these mindless dialogues. These people never think about Georgia and the Georgians. All that matters to them is power and positions—and while our country faces economic problems, social problems, health problems, education problems. It’s almost funny when I see our politicians in these petty, personal squabbles.”
Zuriko, banker, 29

“Maybe the opposition should walk away from the dialogue, because the government will never compromise. It’s a catastrophe, what’s happened in our country.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 23

“I don’t want to talk about our politicians. They’re more actors than anything else, and they aren’t smart actors. People can see right through them. No one cares about their dialogue any more, although I definitely don’t want to see any more street rallies.”
Nana, economist, 47

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