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Is the theory of evolution wrong?

Tuesday, February 12
“It’s a widespread theory, and many scientists agree that men evolved from monkeys. There are some monkeys which are very similar to man in their behavior and habits. But I’m Christian and Orthodox, and I think that God created man.”
Keti, philologist, 30

“When I was a schoolgirl, my biology teacher told us about a strange process of evolution that made a man’s structure very similar to the material a fish is formed by. Fish are made up of all the minerals and nutrients that humans need, and my teacher said that’s why doctors recommend eating fish, and why in China and many other countries the main dish is fish. My teacher said that some scientists think men came from fish after some evolution.”
Ana, student, 21

“To tell the truth, I’m an athlete and I don’t know anything about evolution. But I think it’s wrong. We were created by God, and I don’t believe anything else.”
Merabi, boxer, 28

“I’m an Orthodox Christian, and I think that God created man. We’re not the result of evolution.”
Dato, financial manager, 28

“I’m a religious person, so the theory of evolution is too much for me, and I suggest that others don’t believe it either. I want to remind everyone it was during Communism when this theory came to our country.”
Tako, housewife, 41

“Science and religion have always differed on evolution, so how can we answer? But sometimes I do believe that man came from monkeys, especially on the beach when I see really hairy men.”
Natia, banker, 26

“You can say that part of it is right, the part that does not conflict with religion. So, I believe that man was created by God and that Darwin’s theory is not entirely correct.”
Lana, singer, 18

“They said at school that man came from monkeys and this was the theory of evolution, but I must admit I never really understood it well. The theory that God created man is much more sensible to me.”
Nana, economist, 48

“I believe that the theory of evolution is right. Over and over, scientists are doing successful experiments and Darwin’s theory is becoming more convincing. You’d definitely agree with me if you watch the Discovery channel.”
Lasha, soccer player, 23