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Prepared by Diana Dundua
Thursday, February 14

“Pavle Kublashvili hopes to continue dialogue with the opposition”

Akhali Taoba reports that majority MP Pavle Kublasvili, speaking on behalf of the ruling party, expressed a readiness to continue dialogue with the opposition.

The MP told reporters that the success of negotiations is up to the opposition.

“I hope the opposition will have the strength to finalize [these negotiations],” Kublasvili said.

He downplayed the significance of public demonstrations in political discourse.

“This dialogue is a totally separate process and is independently led; it cannot be linked with either protests or rallies,” the MP concluded.

“Consultations about party lists have not begun”

Influential ruling party MP Giga Bokeria says there have been no consultations on a party list for the upcoming parliamentary elections, according to Rezonansi.

“Right now, the parliamentary team has very serious issues to solve, and we should continue making these steps forwards. The issue of the party list will be on the agenda later, in [about a month]. I assure you that consultations are not being held now,” Bokeria told the paper.

Asked whether he would run for parliament this spring, the MP replied, “I’m going to be with my political team; this will either be in the executive body or somewhere else.”

“Abkhaz passports in exchange for electricity”

Pressure on the ethnic Georgian residents of breakaway Abkhazia’s Gali district, Sakartvelos Respublika writes, continues as they are forced to take Abkhazian passports.

The newspaper claims that Gali residents who accept the passports are exempt from paying for electricity, but those who refuse pay double the usual fee.

“The Ministry of Defense deceived workers”

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that workers constructing a military base in Gori are leaving their jobs.

Several days ago they confronted the ministry administration, according to the newspaper. The workers claim neither they nor the building site’s guards have been paid in two months.

Only ten workers remain, the newspaper writes, with the rest walking away from the job.

Note: The Defense Ministry later released a statement denying the reports, and adding that a private contractor is responsible for salaries.