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What will be Badri Patarkatsishvili’s legacy?

Friday, February 15
“He did a lot of good for Georgia, and donated a lot of money to support national sports. I think Georgians will appreciate him for what he’s done. It’s a pity he died so young—there’s a lot of things he still could have done for our country.”
Lasha, social worker, 31

“I agree with the Patriarch, and think that Patarkatsishvili was a great man who will go down forever in Georgia’s history. Everyone has black spots in their past, but we must not forget the things he did for the country.”
Nino, sociologist, 32

“There is a proverb: if you can’t say anything good about a dead man, don’t say anything at all. So I will refrain from saying anything.”
Dito, financial manager, 29

“[President Mikheil] Saakashvili tried to portray Patarkatsishvili as a bloody criminal and a threat to the country, but now we see that Saakashvili is the real threat to Georgia—not Patarkatsishvili, who tried in his final years to do his best for the Georgia people.”
Elene, pensioner, 60

“He was a good businessman, but he shouldn’t have gotten involved in filthy politics. He was well-known and appreciated by high-ranking foreign officials. We see the work he’s done for his native country, and I hope the nation won’t forget it.”
Lilia, teacher, 54

“Patarkatsishvili’s foundation helped my relatives save their sick child. The foundation paid for all medical expenses. We are so sorry about his death. I think Georgia lost a great person.”
Natia, student, 21

“I’ve seen his work with my own eyes: Badri Patarkatsishvili rebuilt the circus. He rebuilt Mtatsminda Park. He’s left a great legacy in this town.”
Marina, housewife, 55

“He’s done much for Georgia. He was very charitable toward Georgian sports. No matter what the authorities say, the Georgian people will never forget his good deeds.”
Luka, student, 23

“I’m shocked by this terrible news. It’s really a tragic incident. Still, though I don’t want to speak ill of a dead person, my impression is his life wasn’t quite pure.”
Luba, sales manager, 21