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Letter to the Editor

Monday, February 18
It’s so good to have a newspaper in the landscape of Georgian fast food media which is usually publishing well-written and well-researched information.

But especially in the current political situation, as well as concerning the present mood of Georgian society, one should beware of painting things black and white, when real life is much more complicated.

Concerning your article, “Q & A — Is the theory of evolution wrong?,” of February 12, I felt somewhat mentally uncomfortable.

There is not just one evolution theory, but Charles Darwin’s and Ernst Haeckel’s discoveries have undergone hundreds of transformations in the last couple of centuries and decades.

Why would you assume you have readers so simple-minded that they believe man derived from apes, when it is very clearly proved by science that homo sapiens lived at the same time as neandertalers and many of the classically-believed forefathers of mankind?

Of course all we creatures of evolutionary creation seem to have the same forefathers and foremothers, but as my grandmother loved to tease her missionary creationist visitors:

"You’re a man, aren’t you? Haven’t you got nipples on your breast? Tell me: why should you have nipples, if all men were not once of one sex?”

So, with my granny, I’d like to advise you not to be afraid of a bit more sophisticated approach towards science.

Karu Williams