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Would you like to see Irakli Okruashvili return to Georgian politics?

Tuesday, February 19
“He’s the only hope for the Georgian people. But I think his life is in great danger.”
Erekle, builder, 53

“If he has any wisdom, he should think about his own future and the future of his family and friends. Can’t he see that politics is dirty? He must let [President Mikheil] Saakashvili serve out his term, and then come back to Georgia.”
Eka, philologist, 22

“No, I don’t want him to return. It will cause another crisis in Georgia.”
Zura, student, 20

“He must calm down and wait. Who is he, when [Badri] Patarkatsishvili died for his political actions?!”
Nineli, teacher, 49

“I think Irakli is doing fine in Paris, where he’s living in a luxurious apartment as we saw on TV last week. I can’t understand why he wants to come to Georgia—it’s certainly not because he’s a patriot. Better for him to stay where he is.”
Nino, translator, 37

“Yes, he should come back. People will be encouraged, because we love Irakli. Then Saakashvili and his government won’t have any chance of winning the parliamentary elections. Okruashvili is a brave man, and I respect him after he left the government.”
Salome, dentist, 41

“Irakli Okruashvili was a man whose arrest caused a wave of protests in Georgia. I think that even given what has happened with him, he has political weight and if he returns people will support him.”
Vaja, economist, 37

“I think Okruashvili is politically dead, and he should stay out of politics and mind his own business. Georgians are fed up with his lies.”
Gia, sales manager, 43

“He’s very clever man, and Georgian politics could use him. He should return.”
Nata, housewife, 48