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Do you think the February 19 presidential election in Armenia was more or less fair than Georgia’s?

Wednesday, February 20
“As I saw on TV, there is a tense situation in Armenia. Former president Levon Ter-Petrosyan says his supporters will protest on the streets of Yerevan. Their situation is a bit like ours, but I don’t think their election will be fairer.”
Lado, sociologist, 43

“I don’t know what’s going on in Armenia, but I know what’s going on in Georgia. Saakashvili stole votes.”
Vaja, pensioner, 67

“Actually I think that Armenia’s election will be fairer. There’s no president who terrorizes people there and not as much corruption and nepotism as in our country.” Vera, housewife, 53

“Georgia is much more developed than Armenia, so elections there will be less fair than here. That’s my opinion anyway.”
Nina, hairdresser, 34

“I’ve got no idea what’s happening in Armenia. Why would I think an election there would be fairer? What do the Armenians have that we don’t?”
Lia, lecturer, 56

“No, I don’t think so. An election is an election, and it’s the same in Georgia, Armenia or in Africa. Our votes don’t matter anywhere.”
Ketevan, dermatologist, 32

“I don’t know yet, it’ll be a few days until the results are declared. If the people of Armenia recognize their new president then it’ll be fairer than in Georgia, because in our case no one recognizes Saakashvili except some international organizations.”
Shota, driver, 61

“I know our election was rigged, what will happen in Armenia?—we’ll see. But I doubt their election will be fair either.”
Nika, student, 21

“Let’s wait for the results and then decide.”
Giorgi, painter, 54