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What do you hope will come out of the Saakashvili-Putin meeting?

Friday, February 22
“I really want to believe this meeting will bring about definite results for the near-frozen relations between Georgia and Russia. Then, the problems of the breakaway regions could be resolved.”
Pikria, doctor, 31

“This meeting will definitely impact our relations. I think our president made a big mistake in cutting off contacts with Russia. Russia is our neighbor, it’s big, and we can’t ignore it. Plus we have the same religion—we’re closer to this country than any other, including the USA.”
Merab, sociologist, 27

“Nothing important. Russia never fulfills its promises, so I don’t expect positive changes in our relationship.”
Nini, student, 20

“I don’t think it will change anything. Both of them are playing through their presidential images. Everything is just a formality. Neither of them will make concessions in reality.”
Zaza, road worker, 57

“I’ve just heard that flights will be restored, and I’m overjoyed. My son and his family lives in Moscow, and it’s really tough to make two or three stopovers on the way to Russia.”
Lali, housewife, 54

“I hope some agreements will be reached, particularly on the trade embargo. People in rural Georgia are having a really tough time since Russian banned our produce from their markets.”
Misha, economist, 31

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