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Are you glad or disappointed the opposition called off their hunger strike?

Monday, February 25
“I am glad indeed. I don’t care about the opposition and the government’s fight. But there were ordinary Georgians out there in horrible weather about to go on hunger strike.”
Nika, builder, 25

“One of the sides had to give in. So, I thank the opposition for doing that. I think they got concerned about their supporters, but it doesn’t mean they gave up the fight.”
Anano, saleswoman, 53

“Of course I’m glad. We must realize that fighting against the authorities will only bring disappointment, controversial deaths and violent crackdowns. We must wait patiently for four years and then choose the right candidate for president.”
Shota, student, 21

“It’s a relief. No one wants tents and protestors in front of parliament. It brings up awful memories in any Georgian. God save us from repeating history.”
Mamuka, blacksmith, 57

“The opposition doesn’t know what they want. Today, they call on people to go on hunger strike; tomorrow, they say, ‘sorry, we’ve changed our minds.’ I’m losing confidence in them.”
Avto, economist, 45

“It’s a good thing they called off the hunger strike. Protests and rallies weaken the country. We would all be better off if the opposition and the government spent their energy trying to reach a consensus.”
Natia, housewife, 28

“People are tired of protests. I’m glad the hunger strike was called off. It wouldn’t have been nice for Tbilisi to become a tent city.”
Neli, student, 22

“The opposition shouldn’t have announced a hunger strike, but once they did, they should have stayed their course and fought for their demands. Their activities are really annoying people, and I don’t think anyone will support them if they decide to hold another protest.”
Lasha, IT specialist, 30

“It’s a good sign the opposition called off the hunger strike. It shows they understand they’re just hurting themselves and the country.”
Nika, financial manager, 32