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Do you care who runs the Georgian Public Broadcaster?

Wednesday, February 27
“Look at the name: ‘Georgian Public Broadcaster.’ It’s the people’s property, and of course it matters who runs it.”
Andro, pensioner, 72

“I don’t have much respect for that station. I’ve never had any desire to watch it, and it won’t really make a difference to me who’s running it.”
Akaki, student, 19

“It’s incredibly important. Media has a big role in any country, especially the public television. Television is how most of the population gets their information.”
Lana, bookshop assistant, 33

“We’ve got a lot to worry about in Georgia, but I suppose this qualifies. It used to be a great channel, but I haven’t watched it in more than two years because everything is such low quality. It would be good if someone professional and experienced is in charge.”
Elena, teacher 39

“Sure I care. This channel used to be my favorite, but it’s pointless these days. If a group of professionals took it over, I’m sure the channel would return to its former heights.”
Keti, economist, 23

“I care. I wish they’d appointed Giorgi Chanturia to the board.”
Nika, soccer player, 24

“Of course I care, because that station is for the people, and it is important that it is sending out accurate information.”
Lana, housewife, 45

“People are definitely exaggerating the importance of the GPB.”
Giorgi, student, 24

“Yes, I think that the Georgian Public Broadcaster is very important for the Georgian people. It should be staffed with the most professional journalists.”
Ina, social worker, 32