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Mother’s Day is March 3 in Georgia. How will you observe the day?

Friday, February 29
“I always buy a present for my mom. I love her so much and I always try to choose the special present.”
Nika, student, 23

“This is Mother’s Day, day of the most beautiful and lovely woman in the world. I’ll give my mother a huge bouquet of flowers. She loves red roses.”
Mamuka, financial manager, 28

“The tradition of Mother’s Day comes from Soviet times. I welcome the tradition, and think mothers deserve to be feted, especially on this day. We always have a feast in our family, and my children and I prepare presents.”
Lekso, dentist, 43

“I’m going to buy perfume for my mom. She adores perfumes.”
Natia, schoolgirl, 15

“I love my wife very much. She is the mother of my three lovely daughters, and I try to make every Mother’s Day unforgettable. I always take her somewhere for dinner.”
Avto, engineer, 48

“I expect my husband will do something special for this day. He loves surprises.”
Nino, housewife, 32

“My new-born baby is the best present for Mother’s Day.”
Alina, painter, 25

“My birthday is on March 3, so this day is twice as joyful for us. I’m going to invite my friends and relatives and have a feast.”
Elene, sales manager, 36

“My mom is the best woman in the world. I will give her violets, which she loves.”
Giorgi, student, 14