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Will Dmitry Medvedev as Russian president be good or bad for Georgia?

Wednesday, March 5
“Nothing will change. As far as I’m aware, Medvedev has the same political bent as his predecessor. He will act as Putin dictates. Therefore, I don’t think he’s the right candidate as far as Georgia is concerned.”
Misha, salesman, 52

“The fact is, something ended and changed for the better. Maybe we’ll regret our hopes about the new Russian president, as we don’t know whether Medvedev has good or bad ideas about the conflicts in Georgia, but I hope the situation will be better.”
Manana, babysitter, 38

“I predict that Russia’s new president will have the same policy as Putin.”
Nino, student, 21

“I think something will surely change. Maybe I’m naive, but I hope this new presidency will be advantageous for our country. The deadlock of Georgian-Russian relations will break and the opinions of the presidents will meet.”
Lasha, painter, 27

“It doesn’t make a difference for us who Russia’s president is. Relations between the two countries won’t improve any time soon.”
Nona, teacher, 48

“Medvedev seems like quite an intelligent and nice man. I think he doesn’t want to strain relations with Georgia. But we’ll see his real face soon, after he is sworn in as president.”
Levan, banker, 32

“I can’t say whether Medvedev will be good or bad for Georgia, but as far as he is Putin’s guy, I think he won’t do any good for Georgia.”
Avto, engineer, 48

“I personally like Medvedev. He seems clever, and as far as I know from TV he is well-disposed to the West. So I think he will be well-disposed to Georgia.”
Nina, housewife, 37

“Though Medvedev was chosen by Putin, I think he’s a more honest and clever person than his predecessor. I hope he will decide to settle the situation with Georgia.”
Vaja, taxi driver, 54