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What was the OSCE’s final conclusion of the January 5 presidential election?

Thursday, March 6
“All international organizations recognized this election as legitimate and the OSCE said it was fair—but everyone knows the government rigged the vote.”
Tatia, hairdresser, 34

“I really don’t know what they concluded. I’m not interested in what foreigner say. The main thing is what our people say, and whether they accept Saakashvili as president.”
Otar, pensioner, 68

“They said there were some violations in the election, but not enough to change the results. I believe the OSCE.”
Nini, student, 21

“They thought the elections were fine, but I don’t think that’s the right conclusion.”
Lena, office manager, 35

“I think OSCE is very loyal to our government. They shouldn’t make positive statements about this election. When you see so many people rallying to protest the results, does it mean they are crazy, or what?”
Viola, housewife, 32

“The OSCE’s conclusion that the election was held normally is way off the mark. I’m surprised they’d say this, and as a Georgian citizen I protest this conclusion.”
Teona, student, 21

“As far as I remember, they had some doubts about the fairness of our election.”
Misha, footballer, 21

“I don’t know what they concluded, but I know the results of the elections and I also know that it was rigged.”
Aleko, policeman, 27