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Do the opposition have just cause for their hunger strike?

Tuesday, March 11
“Well, what can I say? Everything is clear: an election is coming up, and everyone is trying to get the voters’ attention.”
Guram, lecturer, 54

“No, it’s just a publicity stunt.”
Rati, student, 19

“They are always eager to start hunger strikes; I think it’s some kind of diet for them. They don’t have any real reasons to do this.”
Tiko, musician, 21

“Of course they do. They’re trying to get this government to resign. I might join them.”
Dato, builder, 42

“I don’t think so. One gets the impression that they don’t know what they want—and they’re losing supporters. Personally, I’ll never support them.”
Nika, IT specialist, 27

“The government is killing people. I welcome the opposition’s decision. Someone must make this government resign.”
Natela, housewife, 54

“I doubt the opposition will achieve anything with this hunger strike. They will kill themselves and [President Mikheil] Saakashvili won’t do a thing about it. He’ll just continue to rob our people.”
Vakhtang, sales manager, 38

“If four or five opposition politicians go on hunger strike, they’ll achieve nothing. All of Georgia must support them in forcing this government to resign, and in fighting for a better future for Georgia.”
Nina, pensioner, 65

“I don’t think the opposition will make life in Georgia any better than it is now under Saakashvili.”
Lado, financial manager, 33