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How should Georgia respond to Russia’s withdrawal from the embargo on Abkhazia?

Wednesday, March 12
“By lifting the embargo on Abkhazia, Russia is trying to annex Georgian territory and we must respond adequately.”
Lado, bank manager, 45

“Any kind of strict measures or responses from the Georgian side will strain the situation even more. I think Georgia should ask foreign organizations for help.”
Marina, accountant, 41

“I think Russia’s lifting of economic sanctions on Abkhazia means great problems for Georgia, as there is a threat we will lose this territory. So our government must take immediate measures or ask for help from international organizations to mediate the situation somehow.”
Elene, graphic designer, 33

“Georgia must respond. Abkhazia is our territory and Russia has no right to behave like that.”
Giga, student, 22

“This is a big game between Russia and America, so Georgia’s response depends on what America wishes.”
Natia, financial manager, 28

“Russia’s behavior is totally illegal. Georgia should demand that international organizations react to this. We’re losing Abkhazia day-by-day.”
Teo, banker, 27

“Georgia doesn’t need aggressive politics, not toward Russia and not toward Abkhazia. Now is not the time. We shouldn’t care too much about this particular event. The time will come when Georgians return to Abkhazia.”
Dato, athlete, 23

“We should demand a clear answer as to why they are behaving so illegally, and whether Abkhazia is our territory. I’m sure our government will give an adequate response.”
Maiko, housewife, 39

“Let’s see what the Russian Duma decides about Abkhazia in the next few days, and then talk about it.”
Sopo, student, 20