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What is the biggest obstacle to Georgia receiving NATO Membership Action Plan?

Friday, March 14
“The opposition! They are the main obstacle, because they’re straining the situation in Georgia and when the whole world sees the situation we’re in, they get bad ideas about our country.”
Natela, chemist, 43

“The main problem is our lost territories. If Georgia was united, we would get a MAP sooner and much more easily.”
Giorgi, student, 20

“The biggest obstacle is our politicians. All of them are stupid and don’t wish well to Georgians.”
Nana, teacher, 56

“The events of November [2007]. The authorities took off their masks and showed their real faces to the world.”
Aleko, policeman, 37

“We have a lot of problems with human rights, and the clear for the whole world. We’re in ostrich mode.”
Zura, footballer, 23

“Our judicial system is too poor to get a NATO MAP.”
Marina, bank operator, 21

“I think what Saakashvili did on November 7 created the biggest obstacle on the way to NATO.”
Vakhtang, engineer, 45

“I think the breakaway regions are the greatest obstacles, because if Georgia enters NATO then the Alliance has to help Georgia regain those territories, which means opposing Russia.”
Niko, marketing manager, 34

“Mass disturbances in the country create obstacles, I think. If a country is going to enter NATO, it must be stable and calm. Our country isn’t ready to join NATO.”
Viktoria, teacher, 42