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Should Speaker of Parliament Nino Burjanadze resign, as the opposition demand?

Tuesday, March 18

“I don’t think she should resign. She is a very clever woman. I think opposition’s demand is totally unserious.”
Nino, sales manager, 28

“We’re tired of this government. I was at the protest yesterday—these opposition leaders are really brave. They’re physically weak [from hunger striking] but they continue to fight. Not just Burjanadze, but [President Mikheil] Saakashvili and [MP Giga] Bokeria and those people should leave not just their posts, but this country.”
Natela, teacher, 52

“Burjanadze is a representative of a government which we can’t stand, but I don’t approve of the demand for her resignation. I like her as an intelligent woman, and I think she doesn’t deserve all the condemnation and insults the opposition leaders direct at her.”
Niko, engineer, 43

“If we do what the opposition wants, not just Burjanadze but the entire government should resign, which is not realistic. So none of this makes sense, and no one will resign.”
Keti, economist, 27

“She must step down. The opposition’s demands make sense—she doesn’t have any function in the government now. It’s not even her decision whether or not to stay on.”
Marcela, pensioner, 70

“I think Burjanadze shouldn’t resign, though she should be more principled and not a puppet of the government.”
Nino, doctor, 26

“Nino Burjanadze had to resign a long time ago. I can’t see what she does in this government.”
Tatia, student, 19

“Of course she has to resign. It would remove the political tension. I don’t think she is irreplaceable.”
Akaki, builder, 51

“She must resign. She isn’t worth the political confrontation she’s causing.”
Amirani, salesman, 39