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What would you like President Mikheil Saakashvili to say to George Bush?

Thursday, March 20
“I wish he would speak about conflict resolution, and I wish Bush would give Saakashvili real help, though I don’t think that’s in Bush’s plans.”
Lana, student, 19

“I would like to hear them talk about mistakes they’ve made in their own countries, and Saakashvili’s plans for Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Also about the domestic political situation in Georgia right now.”
Vitali, athlete, 28

“Maybe the conflict zones, maybe foreign policy, or future American–Georgian relations.”
Giga, economist, 41

“I would like Mikheil Saakashvili to talk to George Bush about human rights in Georgia. I want him to explain that they’ve been abused during his presidency, and detail how he’s going to improve the situation.”
Zviadi, chauffeur, 57

“I want Saakashvili to speak to the US president about the ongoing hunger strikes here. He should ask him how Bush would behave in a situation like this, and whether or not Saakashvili should make concessions. It would just be a friendly question.”
Khvicha, economist, 35

“I want them to talk about how to deal with the breakaway regions peacefully. They shouldn’t just talk about military support. We only want peaceful political processes.”
Mzia, pediatrician, 29

“Ask him to convince Russia not to recognize the independence of Georgia’s secessionist territories, and for help in resolving this problem as soon as possible.”
Giga, banker, 22

“I don’t know, maybe he should ask for help in finding a way out of the political situation in Georgia.”
Keti, student, 20

“I know the US government supports our membership in NATO, but some European countries are vetoing it. I want Bush to give more attention to this issue, and somehow appeal to the German government and others to support us at the Bucharest summit.”
Mariam, economist, 32