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What would you do if you won a million dollars?

Monday, March 24
I would buy lots of cars and a garage for them.
Nini, student, 21

I would buy a penthouse in Paris, two tickets to Paris and take my beloved in Paris and ask her to marry me.
Rati, student, 19

I would spent it on charity and help all poor people, especially children.
Nata, babysitter, 35

I would buy and manage a successful building company. I would employee many people, especially professionals who were fired from their jobs illegally.
Gega, economist, 27

I would travel around the world and see everything thats been made during the existence of humankind.
Lika, teacher, 25

I would invest it in an organization to take care of poor people, especially beggars.
Noto, pensioner, 73

I would found an independent judicial organization which would investigate all the assassinations carried out in Georgia. The rest of the money I would spend on amusing myself, as my conscience would already be sound.
Natia, philologist, 21

I would buy hours to spend with Brad Pitt. Yes, I know its foolish, but hes my favorite actor. Why not?
Eka, schoolgirl, 13

I would spend it on attempts to fight cancer, if thats possible.
Valeri, carpenter, 53