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Thursday, March 27
Burjanadze meets ambassadors of NATO member states

Parliamentary Speaker Nino Burjanadze met with ambassadors of NATO member states in Tbilisi yesterday to discuss Georgia’s membership bid.

UK Ambassador to Georgia Denis Keefe told journalists after the meeting that Georgia’s political situation and the upcoming Bucharest summit, at which Georgia hopes to receive a Membership Action Plan, were among the issues discussed.

He also welcomed the opposition’s decision to stop hunger striking ahead of the parliamentary elections slated for May 21.

“Georgia needs free and competitive elections and I hope these elections will be held that way. We are ready to support you in these processes,” he said. (Black Sea Press)

Education minister meets social workers

Education Minister Gia Nodia met social workers to discuss adoption issues yesterday.

The Education Ministry has undertaken reforms in adoption procedures since 2004.

Today around 440 children live in foster homes in Georgia. An EU-backed adoption project began in 2006 and is due to finish in 2009. (Prime News)

Internet database of Georgian cinema unveiled

An internet database of Georgian cinema was unveiled at the Goethe Institute yesterday. The event, which was organized by the Culture Ministry and National Cinema Center, marked the 100th anniversary of Georgian cinema. (Prime News)

Rehabilitation of 4.5 kilometers of Gardabani power line completed

The rehabilitation of 4.5 kilometers of power line in Gardabani district has been completed, giving some 700 villagers a stable electricity supply.

Representatives of Energo-Pro Georgia in Kvemo Kartli province said that 30 pylons are due to be installed there, as rehabilitation works continue. (Prime News)

Russian Post ready to resume operations with Georgia

Russian Post mail service is ready to resume operations with Georgia, according to the head of the company’s press department, Sergey Grigorenko.

“All the relevant documentation has been prepared and submitted to the administration for further consideration. We will announce any decision as soon as we can,” Grigorenko said. (Black Sea Press)

Christian Democratic youth wing calls for replacement of PACE official

Youth activists of the Christian Democratic Party have declared their distrust of Matyas Eorsi, the co-rapporteur for the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), and demand his replacement.

Representatives of the Christian Democratic Party said that Eorsi’s participation in Georgia’s upcoming parliamentary elections would threaten democratic development in the country.

The youth wing said that the parliamentary elections, slated for May 21, should not be held in the same way as the January 5 presidential election.

Zaza Gabunia, a representative of the Christian Democratic Party youth wing, said that preparations for the elections should begin with depriving Eorsi of observer status. (Prime News)

Delegation of French armed forces visits Georgia

A delegation from the French armed forces met with Defense Ministry officials in Tbilisi yesterday.

The two sides discussed bilateral cooperation in the defense sphere and progress in Georgia’s naval reform.

The French delegation is scheduled to visit Batumi Navy Base and Poti Navy Squadron to meet with top Navy officials. It will leave Georgia on April 12. (Prime News)